ABN AMRO Innovation Centre

The Innovation Centre was initiated in September 2013 as the R&D department of ABN AMRO bank. My assignment was to create a new visual ID to present it to the world, one that exudes the feeling of new, while not straying far from the brand style of ABN AMRO. Priorities are simplicity, clean cut design, and effective visual metaphors.

The clip has been the final embodiment of all the elements that comprise the Innovation Centre's visual identity. 
The cover photo of our January 2014 yearplan, featuring an "outside-in" perspective. The photo is taken by myself, and is post processed to feature all the prominent elements of our 4 themes carefully placed within the composition to create a surreal and yet playful effect. 
The new logo of the Innovation Centre, following the ABN lettertype and color palette. The main idea was to utilize existing elements to create something new, akin to the department's mission. The middle shape is a purposefully abstract metaphor, meant to represent both experimentation in lab flasks, and the shapes of the buildings in Amsterdam's Zuid WTC square where the IC is located. 
The four main research areas of the Innovation Centre's portfolio. More detailed snapshots follow below. 
A timeline of the designated Innovation Centre projects for the first quarters. 
The Innovation Centre with pieces of my work on display. 
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